Your Mind on a Roll is

Your Mind on a Roll is


Like a slug in a whiskey jug

you don’t remember when

you had your last meal, your

last piece, or even your last



Are you unsure where your

memory of past delights in

the silent nights has gone,

or have you forgotten how to

wonder where you’ve been?


I remember in November when

you had a rock and roll record

atop the charts, but it took a

precarious drop.


I’m glad you forgot the time you

were so desired, you became tired

and wanted bodyguards to keep

your admirers away.


Of all the tunes you knew, “Cocaine”

was the one you always sang and

while you rocked and rolled, cocaine

took a heavy toll on your soul.


Now  with a face that’s out of place

wherever you go, because it shows

how you lived your life.


Though I was never quite sure, I figure

you’re only forty four, yet when I take

your hand in mine, I think you look like

you’re a hundred and four.


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