Days gone by are many more than the ones I have left in my life,
but memories of just what happened and what pleasures were mine in those
yesterdays fade against what I’ll do with the days ahead, though I won’t wed

even if the moon is overhead. Things are going to be great and I’ll keep a beat
now that I’m a man with a brain that actually thinks, and not only in pink like the
old days when a battle raged within between my instinctive brain and the one

that knew what was right and wrong. The color pink excited me because
it was what women wore and what I did all those years was wrong, but it
wasn’t my fault you see,

Mother Nature made me the way I was in my yesterdays and kept my big brain
in a haze, and. no matter how I fought to do the right thing, Nature sent urges
through me that were out of control and I had to hunt for a woman and sex

every day during my past. I’ve reached an age where my instinctive side has almost
died, and now obeys what my brain says, and the hunt is over for a woman to satisfy
the urges Mother Nature constantly sends my way during the day.

Thinking clearly for the first time in my long life, my brain’s awake and I can make
a plan for what I’ll do for the rest of my life. I put getting a woman to the back of
my mind and imagine what fun I’ll have in my remaining days when I’m in control.

I start to have fun by getting high, jumping from airplanes, and floating in the sky
on a sail or going on a cruise to see the seven seas without any shoes so it’ll be
grand when my toes can taste the salt on the deck and the sand when I hit land,.

It won’t be so far when I go to a bar and order one beer, one scotch, and one bourbon
to keep my head clear, and to stop me from getting the urge I had in bygone days when
young and not in control of my soul. I committed unreasonable acts under the influence

of love or alcohol. I know I’ll be bolder and there’ll be older women in my tomorrows,
but much fewer than the ones in my youth that shut my mouth and didn’t allow me
to say, I love you. I’ll be more sincere and freely give what love I haven’t used up.

Memories of the women I’ve been with isn’t pleasant at all and I wonder how I chose
so many of those who were cruel and why I had to repent and spent so much
time in jail.

Was it because Mother Nature blinded me to what they were, and only allowed me
to think myself free when I saw their pretty faces and their breasts that I hungered
for when awake and asleep.

The more I use my brain to think, I realize in bygone days I did have a true love that
died so young I never wanted another, but I now realize yesterdays weren’t all bad
because I had a dog to love and in days to come, I’ll find another.

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