Words-Wonder- Witchcraft-Wonderful-

Take as many words as you know

and to make them flow mix a potion

in one motion in the name of love

to hear the one you want say those

endearing words you want to hear

put in smart stupid or any you want

so he becomes what the words describe


Guessing isn’t good enough to create a blend

to make a friend change from one way

to another when his mother objects use the next

best or worst words found in the dictionary and thesaurus


that are there to define what makes fine wine and

you wonder under the spell what he’ll be like

after you disintegrate the words and put them into a

witch’s brew to make them true you feed him

a dash of the potion in a cup of tea and hope


as soon as he drinks he’ll turn pink and become wonderful

from the mixed words of hope kindness charity goodness and

humor along with long forgotten historic words

told in fairy tales that made people full of laughter

and to live happily ever after


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