Why-do I continue to run when

it hurts my knees, my back, and

makes me so tired I sleep the day away.


Is it because I want to stay away from the grave.

I sometimes think I’m 20 until I look into the mirror

and see the wrinkled face in that space.


To cruelly convince me my years are limited,

my body complains that not much time remains

and my muscles atrophied years ago.


When I sleep, pain prevails and causes

me to moan or groan during the night

to let me know, I’m over the proverbial hill.


If I want to live until I become a centurion,

I can’t quit and so must pay the price and

suffer through my labor and leisure too.


During my suffering, I wonder if it’s worth

the pain to live beyond the actuarial

averages that say I’ll die with a smile at 88.


But I plan on celebrating 100 years here before

I let go. I want to be here to see my kids collect

their retirement checks..


When they do, I’ll know it’s true, time for me to go,

has come, because I know they passed the exam

and Uncle Sam will support them for the rest of their years.

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