Why did it have to be like that?
Why must all things die?
why am I alive and how long will I survive?

Why do I have these thoughts night and day and why do they stay?
Why can’t I accept while asleep or awake what’s common sense,
and never ask a question that gives me indigestion ?

I know there’s no answer. Like cancer, what happens, happens,
deprived of divine or any universal plan, deaths occur when they do
and make us blue. Why we’re alive, or why we’re here we won’t know

until the darkness of life is lifted, and then we’ll see why, I believe
and pray our destiny isn’t arranged and will be changed when freed
from bodies anchoring us here in a reality that’s unreal to me.

I have to ask, why, so many times a day, because I can’t comprehend why
we’re so cruel and don’t treat others as jewels? We sit eating peanuts while on
TV, bombs supplied by nations like ours, fall on hospitals and schools.

It’s okay because it’s them, and not us getting blown to fragments
of flesh simply because the powers that be can’t decide why those
poor fools think they have a right to live and be free from control.

Why do people believe life is fair like breathing air? When bombs
begin to fall, then they’ll wonder why. After passing through death’s
door, they’ll find why.

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