Who’s To Blame

My subconscious sent words through email a week ago,

and created thoughts I never would have had if, they

weren’t hidden in the membranes of my sensible mind.

If I had been aware, I would have edited and revised.


Sex is what it’s all about, and wants to be let out, so those

thoughts will never cease to flow, Freud had said so long ago.

If that’s true, it’s my little brain that’s in charge and we all know where its thoughts go, but I had no idea they were out of control.


Lord have mercy, for the little guy thinks he’ll never die, has

no principles and wants to have his way, regardless of any consequences that may arise. There are only three things on

his mind-Sex, sex, and more sex are the only specs.


So don’t blame me when you receive the written term, or when you’re near, and hear the words I can’t eclipse flowing over my lips,

because like a rising tide, they come from the dark side of my mind that controls my libido and forces the thoughts through so,


I cannot be saved, because, because, because, it’s out of my control

and Little Brain is the one to blame.

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