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Tomorrow I will have posted 100 short stories. I only have 8 patrons following me. I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile to continue posting stories. What do you think??????

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#99 What’s Cooking


I sat quietly at my desk when my wife said, “What are you thinking about?”

She expected me to say, “Nothing, I was only thinking of you,” but I surprised her when I said, “I often wonder when I get to heaven if Filet of Soul will be dinner that night and if dessert will be pie in the sky?”

“Sounds like something you’d cook up,” she said with mockery in her voice.

When I told her how my thoughts rumble roll and circle into sizzling uncertainties about the afterlife, that her scorn cooks my composure into passion by adding spice, and silently stirs synaptic energy, mixing it into wayward paths that only add to my sagacity, she cast me a look.

“You’re flowing to dark areas of the psyche and taste our world from behind an impenetrable shade of black that’s jamming logic and rationality,” she said.

“Your dark thoughts control instinctive actions taken without consequence or penance, and this can’t go on.”

“My simmering feelings crave to boil over and are only held back by my humanity lowering the flame, by instinctively knowing moral from immoral, separating insane thoughts created in that black hole of my mind.”

She smiled and said, “If we had the power to turn off unwanted feelings sautéing in our brains we’d never cook up so many neurotic responses and wouldn’t stew because somebody said a few unkind words.”

The end

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