I’m not sure what it was, maybe I’m a nut, or maybe because
of my seclusion it was an illusion, or a vision of another dimension.
I’ll give odds it was sent by the gods to show me the way during the
day. Perhaps I slept and dreamed of the things I saw, but they were
as real as me.

It makes me think that I’m on the brink when I think I’m awake, but
I dream that when I awake, I’ll forget everything that occurred. It’s
difficult to tell what world I dream and what one under the sun is real.
Could it be they’re both factual and when I sleep, I take a leap and go

To a place that fills my mind with immeasurable pleasures so when I
return to the world filled with grief and pain, it’s plain there’s a better
place. If that’s the case, why can’t I stay in the pleasurable place?
What’s the difference between here and there?

I wonder, but think I’ll never know if it’s so until I’m dead in bed,
and can see both worlds so I can make a choice. That’ll be hard to
do because how can I be quick to pick if I don’t know if what I see
is real and will set me free, or if what I see is only in my mind?

Is anything here, or is my mind a spirit floating in space and when it
sleeps, it dreams it’s me, but when awake, it takes me to a different
world it made just for me. Is there a way I can take control of a thing
I know nothing about?

Is this an unsolvable mystery of life, or am I seeing heaven when I’m
in the world without a care, and I’m in love, and never get hurt by a bitch
who goes out while I’m at work, like the one in my other world full of grief
that hurts like hell when I’m awake?

It’s complicated underrated, and I don’t know if I’m really in love in one
world and not the other. Maybe what I see is only a reflection of my soul
that goes out while I’m at work to torment me when I believe I’m awake.
No one knows why we’re here, or if we really are, maybe I’m a star.

I’m starting to believe there’s more to life than I can see. Why bother to live
a life where the one I love searches for another. In the painful world
I awake in, I see to love is to suffer. I’d like to take a permanent sleep in that
painful world and awake in the other where there’s pleasure, and no pain.


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