Walmart Shopper

Why do I expect the best from

those unfortunate souls who work

for Walmart, or abusive employers

allied with them to keep pay way below

what it takes to eat.


I go there for an oil change only to

have threads on my oil pan stripped

away by an employee who doesn’t care,


all he has to lose is minimum wage.


I listen to those selling phones and am told,

“Call Straight-Talk. They’ll hook you up with

a cheap phone service at low cost.” I call and

to where it goes, I’ll never know,


but the people there speak English in a way I’ve

never heard before. I should’ve known better than

to participate in conversations with people who are

demeaned and probably work all day


for less than what I pay for a cup of coffee or tea.

By being cheap I’m contributing to the self serving

behavior exhibited by the rich. So I get what I deserve

for patronizing companies that benefit from people

who are almost slaves.


Walmart-open today-Closed tomorrow, I hope.

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