To My EX!

I have no time today, so I’ll stay to
write this quick, and try to make it
right, so it’ll be my best, for today that is.

I dreamed all night that I changed my
name and took the plunge when I
became young again,

like spring following a long hard winter
the cold left my bones when warming
sun sunk within my skin

melting springtime snow, making my body
vibrant so I’m active and have zeal coursing
through my timeworn cardiovascular veins

making gains I cannot erase from my brain. All those
years we were together, I remember at the closing of
the day, lines on your face became revelation’s wall.

Unlike you, I got a letter that said I looked younger and
as the years flew by, disclosures on my face
showed I had lived a good life and had class.

A fortune teller read your lines and foretold how long
you’d stay alive and how your remaining years would be
filled with felines that don’t notice how horrid you are,

as long as you continue to open cat food cans,
and scratch their backs when they meow
to you like a child seeking love from a mother.

Too bad you had no love to give to your kids who would
have still loved you had you shown there was a beating heart
inside when they wanted you to scratch their backs.

The way they perceive you is to believe you love to sit at
a bar far from them and hold your drink like it was a gem,
instead of holding them.

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