The Light

Every time I had a choice, it wasn’t hard to make.

I’d drink beer whiskey, wine, gin, or what have you.

It wasn’t for the taste, it was to forget everything in my life..

All the people I knew didn’t get along and never sang a song. Where I lived no one

ever cried in despair. They’d drink more than I without regret. With so many numb

brains stumbling around, it’s no wonder arguments became daily fare.

Without a thought passing through their alcohol soaked brains people

there stabbed and shot one another when an argument wasn’t enough.

It was sad to see so many I knew get killed, but what an excuse to drink.

I never saw love where I was. Couples were always the first to fight with delight.

Their kids thought that they had to be like them, so at a young age they began

to follow the path to a criminal’s life. Everyone in the neighborhood served time.

If by chance you never went to jail, you weren’t part of the brotherhood. You became

the one they’d express their anger at and try to make you fight to become like them.

Only a few refused to change and join the overbearing group of misguided boys and girls.

How they knew there was a better way to live, I’ll never know. Some even went to school,

even though only a sissy did that. It was long ago, and I continue to drink

beer whiskey, wine, gin, or what have you. But the problem is, I know better now.

Time has passed, and I wonder how I could have been like one of them. Living without love

I find hard, but not to argue and fight when the chance comes is harder yet. If I never got shot

and died, I’d still be just like them. I changed you see once I went up there,

where the white light shined day and night. I was only dead for a minute before I came

back, but while in the light it seemed so peaceful and nice, I didn’t want to leave. A voice

told me I had to live because my life wasn’t done. The light shut off and I dropped back

to where my dead body lay. When I slipped inside my corpse, pain returned and hurt more than

ever before I died and went up there. I knew I couldn’t go back, so I had to endure everything meant for me,

so when I died again, the light would be there waiting for me, and while in that bright light, I’d never have to argue or fight


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