That’s The Way

I sit under the sun coming from the East,

but will never again. It goes over the mountains

out West, so I lay back on a mountain rock

to easily see


the darkening sky that’ll soon be

filled with sparkling stars,

lighting the night, and soon

moon beams will be sent

to make my night bright.


What a beautiful scene, and though it’s

the last I’ll ever see, happiness fills me,

because I’ve been alive and allowed to

enjoy so many natural things.


Stars, sun and moon are only a few

of the wonders I’ve seen.

I watched babies born, flowers grow

girls transformed into women and have

even loved a few,


These are answers I give when asked why,

why do we even exist? Are we here to fill

a void or to satisfy a whim of someone or

something far greater than we?


To live, to enjoy, to be worry free while

appreciating the show going on around us.

We may never live again, but stop to think

my friend, of the opportunity freely given us


to participate in marvels filling our world.

Imagine if you can, never having seen a river,

waterfall, or the sun or moon with stars sprinkling

light throughout the sky.


Or watched people give love, kindness and hope to

those less fortunate than them and share affection

with dogs and cats and horses and more. Imagine if

you exist for eternity and have only heard, but never seen?


That’s why I’ve pinned this note to my chest for you to read.

I’m sorry it had to be you that found me laying here on a

beautiful rock that I laid on to die. But now that the best

part of me is gone,


I beseech you to bury what remains right here where

I laid under the sky to watch the sun go down, and the

moon rise amongst the stars, the perfect time and

place to die. So you see my friend, I’m happy now!




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