Testosterone Listening to Pandora I hear ads for this every few minutes.

“If you’re over forty, it’s not your fault that

your testosterone is low and you’ve shifted

into low and are ready to stall. You’re not

alone you know, and can still change gears


by smoking reefer and making young girls

sniff cocaine. Drink some whiskey and have

some fun, cause it’s all going to end, when,

no one knows, but it will, so enjoy

what you can,


while you can, because, once time has passed by,

you’ll wish you had and all you’ll have is dreams

that you’ll wish were real and not something that

happened yesterday.


When your music and your life comes to an end,

you’ll have no regrets if you’ve smoked, drank and

gave cocaine to girls who always gave something

in return.


It’s too late now. Too late to change your mind

if you haven’t drank whiskey and loved a lot of

women who sang and sometimes screamed when you

gave them plenty of pleasure.


You inherit a whiskey store and the women

come back for more, so you hate it when

your testosterone gets low and you’re ready

to stall and you’ve paid the price for living life


like you committed a crime by loving a woman

more than all the rest and when she left, you wondered

how she could, but inside you knew, your testosterone

ran low.


Past years have turned on you, because now you

know how wrong you were when testosterone ruled

the actions you took, but when you hear the radio say,

Testosterone restored for $40 a month,


you let the gas bill go and buy the pills that make

your heart run cold and any love you have is ready

for a rerun and melts in your veins that are being



with the hormone needed to function as a young man.

Smoking reefer, making young girls sniff cocaine

and drinking whiskey is still a lot of fun, and now you know

there’s no end until you die


and then there’ll be a smile on your face

when at 99 you go,

with a woody in your hand


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