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Today is the birthday of American writer Laura Hillenbrand (1967)

The author of two best-selling books of nonfiction: Seabiscuit: An American Legend (2001) and Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption (2010).Hillenbrand grew up in Fairfax, Virginia, and spent her childhood riding horses on the family farm, a stone cottage on the banks of the Potomac River that was once used…


I Need Your Help!

I need 1,000 nominations for this novel to get a publishing contract from Amazon. Please nominate it. Thank you. Joe. D. https://kindlescout.amazon.com/search?q=The+Mountain+Will+Cover+You THE MOUNTAIN WILL COVER YOU by Joe DiBuduo Can Zelda sacrifice her son to save humanity? Pastors in Africa beat children in exorcism rituals. Christian and “traditional healers” charge a fortune for their services….

Time to Quit

Minimum wage is more than I’ll ever make for a written page. No matter how hard I work and persevere, the money just isn’t there to pay me for staying up all night to type out a morning glory of a story that’s flowing through my brain.   Is it time to call it a…


Collaboration   With a smile, I’ll write what I have to say about the left and right, maybe even the purple night, so she can preview my loving words.   She can change the color of the night or left from right to romantic words she’s dying to see roll from the typewriter keys of…