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I’m at a loss for words. Beautiful,

rhyming, ugly or otherwise. What

secrets can I tell or even hum when

not one will come?


Maybe I can cry or moan from being

all alone, because I lost the language

you understand that shows my heart

is broken and it’s plain, I’m in pain.


Be they eloquently spoken or mumbled

eclipsed from my parched lips, the words

I want to use to say, “A curse on me is

reversed, because I’m in love with you


and I just can’t help myself,” will never

come, so the sun will never shine, nor

will I ever have divine bread and wine in

my lackluster wordless world without you.


I wave my hands in soundless words, but

you can’t read my intent and I might as well

be dead when you blink and think I’m simply

shooing flies away.


I give you a picture book with printed words that

can’t be mistook. The varying text tells what

waving my hands while I stand in a certain way

have to say.


So baby, if there’s been a mistake made, there’s

got to be some changes made. If you don’t want

me around, then I’ll be on my way overland  if you

can tell me to go with a wave of your fair hand.