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#175 Who’s the Man

#175 Who’s the Man? I grew up where men were men and women knew their place. My dear old Mom would never backtalk to Pa. She knew he would respond like a real man and slap her across the face. I saw him do it a few times, and I felt bad for her, but…

My favorite subject; Women!



A Woman’s World – If it comes to this, I’m committing suicide!



She I don’t care if tomorrow never comes. I’ve been lonely night and day since she ran away. My world ended the day she left me for another. I think of days that used to be when she’d sleep with me. If I can’t have her, I don’t care if the sun ever shines or…

Running Around

  Running Around       It’s not a sin to be broken hearted   because the one I put my trust in ran   around with a friend of mine.       I swear, every word I say is exact,   but if I drown, my name’s James Brown.   If I don’t,…