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#175 Who’s the Man

#175 Who’s the Man?

I grew up where men were men and women knew their place. My dear old Mom would never backtalk to Pa. She knew he would respond like a real man and slap her across the face. I saw him do it a few times, and I felt bad for her, but he slapped me harder when I stepped out of line.

That’s the way it was and when Pa said, “Throughout this great country of ours, women have always known their place. Things were fine until woman libbers instigated equality into the heads of our mail-order-brides. There should be a law for agitators like that so they are strung up and flogged for dispensing dissatisfaction. Any fool knows women aren’t equal to men. They can’t hunt, fish, or do nearly anything a man can. Hell, most women see a fight and tremble at the sight.”

Pa put a shell in his shotgun. “My wife was fine till those fucking lesbians filled her ears with that inequality shit, and she changed to a bitch that needed to be hit.”

I always listened to Pa. If I didn’t, he’d beat the heck out of me. He’d fight at the drop of a hat and was a hero in the war. Pa could out-drink anyone. He even made his own moonshine that he sold by the gallon. The sheriff never bothered him. He knew Pa was above the law. He was respected by men in the county for the way he was, and everyone considered him a real man.

So when I married Miss Priscilla, I had to adjust her attitude. I tried to treat her like my daddy said I should. When I told her what to do, she sassed me back. I slapped her face. She kicked my ass. I told her I was the boss, and she said, “Sleep on the couch.” I spent my pay getting drunk. To get even, she went fishing and hunting. Then she went and sold her ass.

To put her in her place I hit her with a two-by-four, and she had me put in jail. I found it hard to be a real man while she wore the pants, but I had to make my

Daddy proud and prove I was a man. So the day I got out of jail, I went to the store to buy a gun, but because hitting her was a felony they turned me down. I figured I’d get her drunk and then I could whip her ass for all the trouble she had caused. I spent the money I had intended to buy a gun with for three quarts of my Daddy’s favorite liquor from the still behind the school instead.

She drank two to my one, and I was the one who got smashed. Looking at her through drunken eyes I saw the girl I desired when I married her. So we had sex, and now I don’t care that she’s the boss, because I’m in love, and when I lay with her I become a big, big, man, and I don’t even mind when she slaps my face when I get out of line.

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A Woman’s World – If it comes to this, I’m committing suicide!



I don’t care if tomorrow never comes.
I’ve been lonely night and day since
she ran away.

My world ended the day she left me
for another. I think of days that used
to be when she’d sleep with me.

If I can’t have her, I don’t care if the
sun ever shines or if tomorrow
never comes.

I can’t believe she’d leave me for another when
I wanted her to be a mother. I fed and clothed
her well. But he had something I didn’t.

She scampered over there every chance she got.
It wasn’t right, I couldn’t give her up without a fight.
I loaded my gun and went to where she was,

Knocked on the door. A man bigger than most
answered. I said, “She’s here and she’s mine. I’m
taking her home and you better not try to stop me,”

When I put my pistol barrel in his ear, he pleaded,
“I told her a thousand times to go home, but to my
sorrow, she refuses to listen to me.”

I smashed the side of his head with my pistol barrel.
She ran to him and licked his face until he awoke.
Fear filled his eyes when he spoke, “Go home you bitch!”

She kissed him again and didn’t care that I was standing there.
“You’ve grown cold and no longer care for me,” I told her.
“Set me free,” I told the man as he got off the floor.

“You can have her,” I said, “But you need to pay for her
thoroughbred papers.”


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Running Around


Running Around




It’s not a sin to be broken hearted


because the one I put my trust in ran


around with a friend of mine.




I swear, every word I say is exact,


but if I drown, my name’s James Brown.


If I don’t, you don’t want to know,




my given name, because I’m wanted


by the law for what I did to her for


running around.




She shoulda been ashamed of what she did


to me. Because of her, I can no longer dream.


When I try, her bloody face appears.




She points her finger my way and says,


“You abused me!” I awake to the truth


and confess to God.




I did what she says, but it’s her fault for running


around with a friend of mine. So that’s why I’m


going to jump into the river and drown.




I discovered it really is a sin to be broken hearted


over a woman like her. The only way I can mend


myself is to take her life or mine. I can’t kill my love,






so please ship my body to her. Remember to


tell her that my name is James Brown, and the


reason I died was because of her running around.