#216 Baby, Baby Please

  Debby didn’t show up for our date again. I knew she went out with somebody else instead.  I wrote her an emotional e-mail to let her know what I thought, “Baby, please don’t lie to me. Tell me the … Continue reading “#216 Baby, Baby Please”

#115 Joe read a book

    Joe tried to be a man’s man. He never cried or showed emotion or pain when hurt. He’d fight if it came to that and forget about it the next day. He worked out at the gym, boxed, … Continue reading “#115 Joe read a book”

#114 Heart of Stone

  When I traveled to the Mideast last year, I learned that Delilah had been sentenced to death by stoning for refusing to obey her father’s wishes. She was barely old enough to be married, but her father had insisted … Continue reading “#114 Heart of Stone”

#210 Andy Died and Went to Visit His Son

  My brother Andy had a son named Andy. I always wondered if he’d be the only one to carry on my father’s name. My brother couldn’t get along with his wife and he left her and his son to … Continue reading “#210 Andy Died and Went to Visit His Son”

#207 After the Poets Talk

#207 After the Poets Talk Matilda’s voice sounded like summer rain falling after a long hot dry spell. Hearing her recite her poem in my English class relit my fire. I didn’t listen to the words that flowed from her … Continue reading “#207 After the Poets Talk”

#206 Slaughter

#206 Slaughter   When I was a boy of eight, there was a shed nearby where men went to meet and hang out. I’d often peek through a crack in the walls and watch as they played cards, drank, and … Continue reading “#206 Slaughter”


    When Cindy, my sculpturing teacher at Yavapai College, instructed me how to use cement, I was repulsed by the idea of using a coarse material like concrete to make attractive sculptures. Difficult at first, concrete soon became a … Continue reading “#205—Cement”

#204 Business Trip

#204 Business Trip   I had to go to Denver on a business trip. I left my wife home with the kids. I never called while gone because my wife said hearing my voice from so far away upset her … Continue reading “#204 Business Trip”

#202 Conscience

  In the middle of the night, I get up for a drink and as I turn on the tap, I see a thing of beauty in my kitchen sink struggling for its tiny life against torrentially streaming water. To … Continue reading “#202 Conscience”

#200 Ice

  It was a warm Chicago summer day when I first saw her angelic face and aura of innocence that drew me to her like a drug promising to make my life all right. I thought if I made her … Continue reading “#200 Ice”