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#236 Joe, a Prescott writer Joe

#236 A Prescott writer Joe

#236 Joe, a Prescott writer

Prescott , a little mountain town nestled in the pines of Arizona is a place biker’s ride to on weekends to get away from the hot valley. They come to town wearing leather and usually behave so well they are welcome.

One day Joe went into a bar where a bunch of bikers drank and a girl who sat at the bar alone attracted him.  He sat next to her. She turned and looked into his eyes. A jolt of electricity hit Joe as her thoughts entered his brain. In her thoughts Joe saw that he set fire to the entire town. Flattened the tires of all the cars, broke the glass, and scratched the paint.  He shook his head to clear those crazy thoughts.

She smiled, and said, “My name is Sue, how do you do?”

“Sue, I know this sounds crazy, but somehow I know you’re the one for me. Joe pictured them having nude sex, but that wasn’t what she was thinking at all.

He wondered if the touch of her hand was responsible for him thinking like this. “I think that I’d do anything at all to have you by my side,” rolled from his tongue without any conscious thought.

“I want you to get your gun and plenty of ammo, and then I’ll drive you through town while you shoot at the cars we go by.” She handed Joe a pair of goggles. “Here wear these. It’s against the law to ride on a bike without wearing them.”

Joe wondered why she worried about breaking the goggle law, but went to his car, got his .44 Colt, loaded it, put on the goggles and sat behind Sue on her Harley. When Sue started the bike, the Harley roar was loud, so loud it drowned out the gunshots as Joe shot the windows of every car he could as she cruised around the courthouse square.

As he reloaded time and again, thoughts bounced around inside his head and he thought his brain must be different than most others, or he wouldn’t so wantonly be complying with Sue’s wishes. Did she see that in him when she stared into his eyes?

Flashing blue lights came into sight. Someone had called the cops it seemed. Sue drove the bike across the courthouse lawn and jumped onto Gurley Street where she hit an amazing speed on that winding roar that led to the mountains. She knew her way and had a secret hiding place in a cave.

“We’ll stay here for a couple of days. You don’t have to worry; no one will find us.”

There was food and stuff stocked in the cave. Sue had been prepared for something like this. Joe looked at the .44 his hand held could hardly believe what he had done. “Why did I let you take me on that wild ride, and shoot at every car I could?”

“You know you wanted to, and here’s what else we’ll do after we rest. We’ll go to town and burn it down. Then we’ll explode the statues in the courthouse square. If they come here looking for us, I’ll pick them off with this rifle from a distance and feed their bodies to wild pigs. We can live in the wild for years and go down to terrorize the town every now and then.”

She must be the Devil in disguise, Joe thought. She looked him in the eye and that electrifying feeling coursed through his head and he agreed to everything she said. He thought how boring his life had been and even when he read, he found James Joyce was nothing but a bore. Hemingway used too many words. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Chuck Palahniuk were a few who wrote words he enjoyed.

Because of this strange way of seeing the world that Sue put into his head, he would need to reconfigure his brain if he ever wanted to be like all the others who derived pleasure from simple words, and didn’t, kill, murder, torture, or burn down towns.

“I don’t want to do all that you say,” he told Sue, “I’m a writer and thanks to you, I have energized my brain and have something to write about.”

Her face began to change, and Joe could see anger building.

“Please don’t be mad. I’ll be glad to accompany you, but I’m not going to do the things you want me to.”

Her face took on a feline look and she began to grow paws. Claws sprouted from her fingertips and her mouth showed two long fangs protruding from rows of very sharp teeth. She shed her clothes, and showed a fur covered body. She let out a yowl that belonged to a mountain lion. He ran from the cave with her yowling in pursuit. He stumbled and fell. Rolling onto his back he looked up and saw her teeth hovering over him with drool dripping onto his face. It was cold and he realized he was on the floor of the bar. He opened his eyes, looked around and saw the bartender dumping water from a glass onto his face.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Sue told you hello, and you fainted,” the bartender said.