The End of the Road

The End of the Road.   I’m trudging down that long, long road I have to follow before I appear at the place where death waits for me.   I’m gonna miss being alive after I die. When I arrive … Continue reading “The End of the Road”


Art   Why in my heart do I love junk like I do? Sometimes I just don’t know why when I see an empty can or a rusted nail, I can’t let it perish and instead of sending it to … Continue reading “ART”

Strange Fetishes

Strange Fetishes All I do is hang my head and cry because of a foolish desire to put out my fire. Choosing to do that made me lose the only one who loved me half as much as I loved … Continue reading “Strange Fetishes”

My World

My World   Is a place where angels lie and devils have wings. God is cruel and fantastic as it seems, Satan tells it like it is. He says to be redeemed is a sin and it’s better to get … Continue reading “My World”