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There are people like me who dare to become

attached to and sometimes choose to speak

to plants and trees that are as lonely as me.


Trees live for years and years I believed and

had no concern it would bring me to my knees

and leave as everyone and everything I’ve ever

loved has gone and done.


Taking with them a piece of my heart until what

remained became hard without any regard, and

ceased to beat, until this tree blocked the blazing

Arizona sun from burning me.


Like me, the tree didn’t have a beating heart.

I watched it grow from a sapling to a 30 foot

tall mighty Elm that shed tons of leaves in

the fall.


Raking them became a chore, until I looked

at my now naked tree and worried how it

would survive winter’s cold. I wished and

prayed that spring would hurry and soon come.


The remaining piece of my heart softened as I

worried that snow and wind would be too much for

a Chinese tree with a crown of gold that’s not compatible

with extreme cold.


I became emotionally involved and fell in love

with my Chinese Elm and did all that I could

to keep it safe and alive, but it died on me at

the age of 21,


taking the last piece of my heart with it. I cut what

remained into pieces that would fit into a fire, stacked

them into a high pile and saw the heavens smile.


When my time comes, I’ll lay atop the funeral pyre,

and we’ll travel together to that place in heaven where

the heartless go.