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Why is Life Like That

Why is Life Like That


Why try or even look again

when my brush is ready, even

though I already know it’s going to

be wrong even when its right.


It’s not too late to see what

a fool I am, but there’s one

little thing I can do and that’s

to take back my love.


if you know where it’s at, give me

back the key to my heart. When

you’re out of my mind and I’m no

longer about, you’ll be depressed


unless you treat me kind and gentle,

but that isn’t what I’m talking about.

I’ve got to have everything back. That

includes all the love I’ve freely given you.


That’s the way it is. You’ve done me wrong.

You taught my thoughts that nothing’s

happening in the woods where you go to

get away,


even if I ask you to stay. When I

see you crossing the field, my thoughts

grow wild like the flowers grew until

you trampled them to the ground.


You’re hearts gonna be broken and

so is your face if you don’t act like

a good friend and give me back what

I’ve given you during our disastrous past.


I’m the man and when you cross me, you

take your life in hand and no matter that

you say you’ll return everything I’ve given

you, and when music plays inside my brain,


I can’t understand why is life like that?

A Solitary Life

A Solitary Life


I sought seclusion and

came to the conclusion

that life was an illusion,

but that was a delusion,

a misconception


depriving me of contact with

anything alive. I found it

hard to survive never hearing

a voice or seeing another,

not even my mother.


Insanity was an easy choice,

but even with disordered reasoning

I didn’t talk to myself, but while

hallucinating I did speak to the

people I met inhabiting my solitary life


and always told them farewell if they

weren’t wearing a belt that death knew

so well when a hopeless man wore it

around his neck when trying to escape

what he had shaped into a solitary life.