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#230 Florida Vacation

#230  Florida Vacation

A vacation in Florida was a birthday present to me, from me. I rented an ocean front condo and the warm moist and salty ocean breeze blew through my room refreshing all my senses to long forgotten pleasures. It washed the air pollution from my mouth and food tasted better. It cleared my head and I could think much clearer.

When I saw her, and the clean ocean air blew away the veil covering my eyes. The rhythm displayed by her hips as she jogged along the ocean front garnered my attention and then my lust. I ran to catch up to this goddess by the sea. When I reached her, breathing heavy from running as fast as her, I said, “Please stop and listen to what I propose?”

She did stop and looked at me with eyes that reflected the sea and I watched her plump lips form the words, “Go away.”

“But I’ve fallen in love and I’ve got to know your name and where you live.”

“Do you take me for a fool?” Her eyes rolled like ocean waves, “I know how men think, and I don’t want anything to do with you.”

“You don’t understand, one look at you, and I knew my muse had arrived. Something like this only happens once in a lifetime, I know, so please forgive my brashness in approaching you. I’m willing to do anything to make you my one and only. The moon and the stars will be yours if you give me your love.”

I saw my earnest words had softened the storm in her eyes as the waves became only blue swells calmly rolling onto the windows of her soul. She practically swooned when I dropped to my knees and said, “Won’t you spend the night with me? I’ll do anything you want me to?”

“Even though you’ve been rude by approaching me with such crude words, I can’t help but feel your strong emotions crying out to me. Maybe we can spend the night together, but I’m warning you, there’s more to me than what you see.”

Many women have said that before, but to me they were all the same. I prayed that what she said was true, and I had at last found that special one on this Saturday in May. We sat on the beach and held each other in a passionate embrace. One thing followed another and I discovered there was more to her than I had imagined. My passion carried me beyond my scruples, and she and I did unimaginable things that left me lying on the sand gasping for breath.

What a Difference a Day Makes. Today is Sunday, and I sit on the same sandy spot where yesterday I had made love to the one I desired. Today I sit here with my gun in hand as I write in the sand, “What a day I had yesterday. Together we watched the moon set, the sun rise, and all that time together with you, was the best time of my life. I’ll never forget the good loving we had last night, once the sunset, the moon rose, and you and I lay on the sand all night long, enjoying one another until the sunrise revealed, that you just like me were a man.”

Upon discovering that, I puked into the sand and strangled you, the one I had so recently loved. Then I went to my car to get my gun. I pushed your body into the surf. As I watched it being carried away, I stepped into the surf, put the barrel of the revolver into my mouth and tasted cold metal on my tongue. I wonder if the fish that’ll feed on both of us, would somehow reunite us in another life.