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Cryonic Man

This has been in the works since 2006. It’s full of unusual twist and turns. I believe this is one book that no one will figure out the end before the end. Jim Jackson travels to the spiritual world while frozen in a tank of nitrogen. Once revived he learns how to time travel and returns to the 1700’s to save humanity from Ezerbet’s Nemesis.

Seventeeth-century sorcery and swordplay joins twenty-first-century sci-fi in an unforgettable paranormal romance! Tootie-Do Press, Los Angeles,  02-14-2015.

Seventeeth-century sorcery and swordplay joins twenty-first-century sci-fi in an unforgettable paranormal romance! Tootie-Do Press, Los Angeles, 02-14-2015.

I’ve published another story in the Chicagoua Cafe series

A Warning!

A warning


I’m in the purple night among starry clusters speeding home through space from a giant twin to Earth that had been discovered almost 50 years ago, but the distance was so great it would take 63 light years each way. Anyone taking a trip that long would find that Earth had aged billions of years and the sun had exploded long ago.

I traveled through space on a rocket ship using bubble technology developed by Joe DiBuduo in 2048 when he was 108 yrs old. He hijacked the idea from the Russians who years ago used supercavitation for torpedoes to travel faster than sound underwater. He borrowed the bubble idea, and by using dark energy to power space/time in front of a ship and to expand it behind the ship, he altered space/time so I could travel to Exoplanet-HD-189733b in 180 Earth days.

On my return trip I saw for the first time how Mother Earth’s oceans absorb red and green wavelengths more than blue, so when I saw it from space it was a vibrant blue. So much prettier than HD-189733b  which is also a stunning blue, but it has 4,000 miles an hour winds in its atmosphere where there are no white clouds to beautify the blue and temperatures hover at 1,000 degrees Celsius.

The heat melts silicate particles creating raindrops of glass that scatter visible blue light more than red in a hazy hothouse swept by winds hot  enough to make molten glass fall like rain, filling lakes and streams that flow like hot ice.

The interplay of light in its super-heated atmosphere and the planet’s exotic air that none can understand is laced with grains of silicate. In contrast to Earth and HD 189733b, Mars appears red and fills me with dread, because its rusty surface is rich in iron oxide that absorbs blue and green and reflects red, so the Rovers don’t see it as a warning of the danger to come from the color eating races from beyond our universe who are drawn to the color red because they always find a blue planet near a red one and they’ll only feast on the color blue.

After I land and tell the world of the coming threat, I’m laughed at and called a fool. I use my reward for claiming HD-189733b for Earth to purchase all the red wavelengths available. I begin to scatter them throughout the world because red wavelengths are bigger and can surpass oxygen and nitrogen molecules without being entirely blocked. They allow sunlight to pass through and to change Earth’s color to red. But I’m arrested and charged with environmental terrorism and racism because I like red better than blue.

I try to tell the court to build a space bubble for Earth to hinder those on the way to eat it for lunch, but I’m not believed and am sentenced to spend the remainder of my life on the colorless moon. I know I won’t be eaten there, but I’ll watch as Earth turns from a brilliant blue to the color the alien things defecate as they consume all the blue on a world and leave it the color of all the other ones they’ve eaten before.