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Duty to Die


Duty to Die

The years begin with a babies squall, and soon

pass on by. Then we’re old enough to go to school,

to drive, to drink, but no one  ever thinks they’re’

old enough to die.


Everyone wants to survive until the day comes

when death is welcomed as a friend.

Age gauges past years, and old people’s

desires are framed in a time when their faces

didn’t have more lines than a map.


Wrinkle free beauty is remembered by every brain.

Aged men want to kiss soft and tender lips

misplaced in painted memories of years past.


Mother Nature has a temporary cure for those

who refuse to accept the passing years. She

adjusts their eyesight so they can’t see

epidermis devastated by years.


Immortality brutally passes everyone by, and

all feel the toll taken and awaken to the fact

that old age is inevitably on its way.


Every one is headed to be shredded by time.

Room must be made for the new, the young, the

ones with a future, not a past, the young believe

those past their prime have a duty to die.