#224 Dogs

#224 Dogs If only I had known why, my dog Bo always wanted to be in the kitchen. He and his pal Scamp waited for any chance. If I turned my head, into the kitchen they’d romp, and all the … Continue reading “#224 Dogs”

# 133 Hungarian Joe’s

# 133 Hungarian Joe’s Trying to forget she wouldn’t be there when I got home, I sat drinking beer in Hungarian Joe’s bar. Six months have passed since Sherry, my wife died, and every time I open the door, I … Continue reading “# 133 Hungarian Joe’s”

A True Friend

A True Friend   “We’re friends aren’t we, Joe?” Billy said just before he stole my girl. That was when I began to think that my dad was right when he always said, “The only friend a man has is … Continue reading “A True Friend”


Lolita   She joined the gym, got a trainer who had her run on a treadmill, swim laps, and her target weight still eludes her.   Staff members in khakis and polo shirts lead gym members through exercises and reward … Continue reading “Lolita”

Doggie Discrimination

Doggie Discrimination   Make tracks back to your cage where you’ll be marked on a page that counts the days until you’ll be euthanized because you’re black.   You’re never coming back. It’s not your fault. We know if you … Continue reading “Doggie Discrimination”


She I don’t care if tomorrow never comes. I’ve been lonely night and day since she ran away. My world ended the day she left me for another. I think of days that used to be when she’d sleep with … Continue reading “SHE”