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The complete Molly Story

#135 Another Molly Story¬† Raphael finished his shift at the foundry, hot and thirsty; he sauntered into Hungarian Joes as a tear jerker country and western song played on the old Wurlitzer Jukebox. He tore the electric cord from the wall. The music whined to a halt as he strode to the bar where Hank…

Missy and the Easter Bunny

I wrote this story for my great grand kids and their cousin. Ages 3 to 9. I’d have made it free, but Amazon doesn’t allow that, so I charged the minimum 99 cents. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TQ8W88Y  

A Doggy Kiss

The sun hid, the wind blew, and my feet complained when I explained I had to pad them for being bad by putting on my running shoes. My first uncertain step sent fire shooting up my legs and my feet were mashed like the yolks of a dozen eggs under 200 pounds of pounding weight….