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Creative Non-Fiction

Creative Non-Fiction


Sitting round the table gets complicated, but

it’s overrated and can be debated. I miss back

before I repeated every word I heard.


Creative non-fiction I say, but lie and write

something bright or snowy white, to create

a craven tale


about going down to the river to pray. Oh sinners,

who’s going to wear the robe and crown when we

sit round the table and tell our tales.


I ask if you’ve ever seen New Orleans with all its

cotton bales? Have you forgotten the little green

eyed girl you met there?


Did you pray to find out where she had hid?

Was she asking for an early grave by walking

on down the street solicting every man she met?


Don’t lie and say no, because I’ll change your

words to ones I need. My words will sound better

than yours and I’ll say my story is true.


When that’s all done, I won’t write again until I

sell my story. When we sit around the table again

It’ll be a good night to create our non-fictional lies.