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#237 A Strong Wind Blows

#237   A Strong Wind Blows

Mother Nature Can Display Breathtaking

Beauty, but She’s a Bitch.


            The ferocious winter wind blew off of Lake Michigan dropping temperatures way below zero. Squirrels hid in their trees, and birds didn’t dare try to fly into the face of Mother Nature’s fury. Not one of them understood why she directed her rage at them. Joe’s girlfriend, Matilda sat in his car with the heater on. “I love winter,” she said. “Look how beautiful the snow is. When I look at the ice floating on the lake, I think how lucky we are to be able to view such a sight. Look!” She pointed to a mother duck trying to lead her ducklings to warmth somewhere in the snow covered park. “Isn’t that a beautiful thing to see? The babies are so cute.”

Joe looked through the windshield the wipers struggled to clear the heavy snow from. He had parked as far out on the lake road as he could drive. They were all alone. Joe had hoped for some romance, but Matilda  rattled on about snow.

He saw that gusting snowflakes surrounded the six baby ducks she pointed to. They were following their mother in a row. A blustering North wind came and blew them down and mother duck tried with all her might to line her little ducks up in a row.

“Look at that,” he pointed to the babies that were rolled around like rubber balls, and got scattered over the snow covered grass.

“Oh that’s just nature’s way,” Matilda rolled down her window. The strong wind gusted in and practically covered her with snow.

“Don’t you think Mother Nature is cruel?” I hit the button and closed the window to shut out the wind and snow.

“Of course not. She’s just doing what comes naturally.” Matilda scooped some snow off her sleeve and put it in her mouth. “Oh, I just love snow.”

We both watched as the cruelest mother of all took charge and blew the ducklings over again. As they rolled along the frozen ground, the mother duck frantic with worry gathered them up, and put them once again in a row.

“How can Mother Nature be so cruel to those innocents?” I turned my head and saw nature sieze their feet from under them with her cruel cutting wind?

“They’re made to withstand the weather. They’re lucky they’re not in here where it’s too warm.” As she spoke she removed her coat and put it on the back seat.

“Can’t you see that she has more than one side? She not only shows us splendid winter scenes, but she’s showing her cruel side now,”

How can you say she’s cruel? She gave me these for you.” Matilda lifted her sweater to show me her perfect breasts.

I reached across the seat to put my hand on one, but she slapped it away. “Look, but don’t touch,” she said.

I looked and looked and wanted to touch, but like Mother Nature, she had a cruel side too. She took off her boots. “It’s getting hot in here.” She took her sweater all the way off, and then her socks.

It was too hard to resist. I slid across the seat, put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.

“No! I said no. Don’t you know what no means?”

She was being a tease. Why else would she take her clothes off? Maybe she wanted me to force her to have sex. I couldn’t do that, it went against my “Nature.”  I moved back behind the steering wheel and caught my breath. I needed to think of what to do.

“If you’re so hot, why don’t you step out in the snow?” She unbuttoned her jeans.

What was she trying to tell me? Maybe she wanted to do it in the snow? That wasn’t for me. I hate the cold and the snow. But my little brain took charge the minute she showed me her breasts. Trying to stick with her wintery mood, I recited a poem that Robert Frost had written.

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

“You’re so romantic, Joe.” She slid her jeans down over her knees.

I moved closer to her, and put my hand on her thigh.

“No!,” she yelled and slapped my hand away. “I told you to look and not touch.

And I thought Mother Nature was cruel. Matilda was emulating her by being cruel on purpose. I could never understand why a girl would say no, but doesn’t really mean no. I guess that’s why they advertise on TV for guys who think like me. The ads say, “No, means No.” Logic told me to dump her in the snow and get out of there. My little brain told me to hump her in the snow. She laughed at those poor little ducks that were being blown all around by the winter winds. Her actions allowed my big brain to push the little one aside and it took over.

“Why do you think it’s funny? What if you were out there in the cold and the snow?”

“I just love the cold and snow, you know that,” Matilda rolled down her window and snow blew in and settled on her ample chest.

“Step outside for a minute so I can take a naked picture of you in a winter wonderland.”

“That’s a great idea, Joe.”

She stepped from the car, took her panties off and poised like, Cailleach, (The Celtic winter Goddess).

“Step over by that tree, it’ll make a great picture.”

She walked toward the tree and I could see she already shook from the cold when I started the motor, put the car in gear and slowly drove away. She chased after me for a while, and then she fell into the winter white snow.