Staying Alive

Craving to die since I became alive.

Pain, hunger, and discomfort steadily

haunt me. The future seems to hold no

relief and is bleak every week.


I have dreams of a long painless sleep

that after I die will deliver me to heaven’s

gate and they say things will be better on

the other side.



I watch others that enjoy being alive and I try

and try, but can’t find a good reason to stay

alive and not to die when living on the other

side will be so much better than living here.


I believe there’s some good in everyone and that

my wife will be faithful until she dies. I choose

to survive by medicating myself with booze,

drugs, and lies


Many years go by and I’m still alive, even though I

know I deceive myself until things change. It’s plain

that neurons in my brain have evolved, so I perceive

how lucky I am to have had my life begin on the downside.


Unlike others I know whose glory days are in the

past and now regret that’s where they must go to

relive what they had because what they see

is all downhill from where they’ve been.


For me the past is a place I don’t like to revel in.

Life has got what it takes for me to want to stay alive

until I die, because every day that I wake and every

year that I live is getting better than those that came before


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