Star Gazing

Star gazing


10,000 stars on display during the night wave

at me with blinking lights as the burning orbs

travel through heavens beginning and end.


They probably think I’m dumb because

they know when I look at them I can’t

tell a twinkle from a pulsar.


I don’t know my way around the sky

well enough to find  Scorpius, Leo,

or Cancer.


Taurus and Aquarius are invisible to me as is

Sagittarius and Andromeda that light the night

with waves of light.


Celestial objects direct my destiny and many have

no names. Why do we choose to only name the

brightest ones and ignore those that dimly shine


as if they’re not worth any bread or wine. Here on Earth

we choose to always watch the beautiful or brightest, be

it a person, car or star.


What’s inside doesn’t matter to shallow beings

who pay respect to looks, and not what a man

or thing is made of.


So let the stars choose wherever my soul may go, and when

I flow to the constellation they choose to send me to, the

girls and cars there will be the ones I’ve been looking for.


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One Response to Star Gazing

  1. sghealey says:

    Joe – One of your best poems yet! I really like it.

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