A Splendid Plan

As soon as she came into view, like lead falling from the sky, strange, unknown feelings and thoughts struck me. She changed my entire being. Apparitions of love and soft silk entered my day to day and changed my life. I found that extraordinary one, and my face turns red when I think of how my heart got caught, unprepared. It has always been cold and hard until now.

Harboring meanness and malice had kept my emotions bound in a strait jacket called life. Strife hardened my heart, shutting down any feelings other than anger and hate. If there’s a God I thought him cruel, for giving me a life where I went to dinner and watched movies alone. I thought maybe because I liked being with myself more than any other was the cause. Views like that vanished when I met her.

Too late for me now I know, but how it hurts my newfound heart, to recognize that I’ll never touch her silken skin, feel her soft hair, nor match her delicious lips to my famished ones, wishing to devour love like a starving man.

Seeing how much I missed when life passed me by without love for any other except my kids, brings me to my knees in anguish. Why did I take so long to see what could have been? My life is almost over and for once I delight in being with a woman, because feelings have softened my heart and mind. But why now and not before?

If there’s another life after this, I’ll be sure to find a cloud nine where I can show my hidden love. If I can’t, I don’t want to exist again in another time or place without what it took me so long to learn here on Earth, that God made a woman for every man. If only I had known when I was young and didn’t wait until my life had condensed to discover the splendid plan.

About The Author

DiBuduo is also the author of "Crime A Day," a nonfiction book, "A Penis Manologue: One Man's Response to the Vagina Monologues," and two volumes of his signature "flash-fiction poetry," as well as several collections of short stories. His short fiction and poetry also appear in anthologies, online journals, and recently, in Weekend Reads, a collection appropriately subtitled "Twisted Stories, Twisted Mind!" He has completed two paranormal novels, "Cryonic Man" and The Mountain Will Cover You.” and the soon to be released novel, “The Chicagoua Café,” and also a collaborative collection of connected fantasy stories with author Kate Robinson. Read more about DiBuduo and his interests at joedibuduo.com.

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