Souls For Sale

Souls For Sale


I started to believe, until there was more

wind on the hill and congress made a list

of 17 scientists to investigate for falsely

claiming the temperature rise was calamitous.


I numbed myself it seems, because I didn’t

believe a word those pseudo scientists said

about how hot it would get in the time set.


I didn’t feel or see how hot it had got, until I

saw Alaskan’s hitting the swimming hole

and ice flows to small to hold a polar bear.


Ships sail through Arctic waters and soon

they’ll be drilling for oil there. So the temperature

rise isn’t all bad. I’m glad to hear the end isn’t near.


We’ll have more fuel to burn, but we’ll never learn that

before long Chicago will be a tropical paradise where

winter winds will no longer blow and snow will cease to fall.


The oceans are rising and their coral reefs are dying,

but those who don’t believe say it’s all right,

Mother Nature is just doing her job and we’re evolving.


Seaside cities will move inland and those vacation

homes built near the ocean will soon be gone, but

people refuse to believe that global warming is true.


When the bugs and slugs around the world grow as

big as they are in Florida and tropical diseases sing

in northern cities, will people believe it’s an early spring?


Will the denial financiers buy billboards to show only idiots

can believe what scientists say? They’ll deny there are

more hurricanes and tornadoes.


They’ll simply say, behind the veil, they’re good for the economy.

Knock on wood, they create jobs and don’t bother to worry when

water becomes scarce or disappears and costs more than gasoline.


Drink water like a bird, wash less when you undress, and

when the air reaches a point where it’s hard to breathe,

we’ll give you a paper mask.


Do these deceitful men ever look again before they sell their

souls to the very rich? Do they have kids or grand kids who will

be alive to see all this come to pass? Do they have souls to sell?


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  1. bob says:

    Interesting Joe

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