Slapped Smartly, I wrote this one back in 2001, but totally forgot about it until I saw it in an old email.

Slapped Smartly


I’m stupefied, thunderstruck,

flabbergasted & confused.

Suppressed rage flows

through a hammering heart

& convulsing veins.


A spastic smile curls your

twitching lips into a disgusted

wicked spastic smile.


You maniacally gesticulate

with nostrils flaring,

furiously peering through

eyes that widen incredulously.


When you see I smile like a saint,

and don’t contort in agony from

your  fist to my helpless face.


No hysterical voice comes from

my drawn and pinched countenance.

My eyes narrow as I peer down

my nose at your blood stained

hand, used to beat so many others

into submission.


I give you a superior grin and get

ready to return the blow a hundred

times. Invigorated by my adrenaline

I get a sunny feeling in my soul

when I see blood draining from

your anguished face.


Dark shadows form and I see

a mute appeal for forgiveness

that I ignore as I smash a blow

into your pouting grimace and

see you’re stupefied, thunderstruck

& confused.


A fitting ending I know, for someone

like you who would punch a man

for wearing a dress.
Joe DiBuduo


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