Running Around


Running Around




It’s not a sin to be broken hearted


because the one I put my trust in ran


around with a friend of mine.




I swear, every word I say is exact,


but if I drown, my name’s James Brown.


If I don’t, you don’t want to know,




my given name, because I’m wanted


by the law for what I did to her for


running around.




She shoulda been ashamed of what she did


to me. Because of her, I can no longer dream.


When I try, her bloody face appears.




She points her finger my way and says,


“You abused me!” I awake to the truth


and confess to God.




I did what she says, but it’s her fault for running


around with a friend of mine. So that’s why I’m


going to jump into the river and drown.




I discovered it really is a sin to be broken hearted


over a woman like her. The only way I can mend


myself is to take her life or mine. I can’t kill my love,






so please ship my body to her. Remember to


tell her that my name is James Brown, and the


reason I died was because of her running around.




















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