Risky Behavior

If you’re a cheese or a wine

It’s okay to age, but humans

don’t want to be told that they’re

old, so be bold, try something new.


Now that you’ve reached retirement age,

feel free go on zip lines, airplane rides,

and to have a passionate love affair.


Prove to your peers that you’re

not too old for adrenaline to flow

in your aged and clogged veins.


Snow skiing and mountain biking may

be harder for any with so many aches

and pains caused by years of wear and tear,


but there are easy activities for weakened

muscles and bones that probably got that

way from watching TV all day.


If sex is just a memory and little blue pills are

of no use, get out of your chair and jump from

an airplane, or raft down a whitewater river


to jumpstart your life and libido so you’ll  live

until you die instead of drying up inside to

become mummified while you’re still alive.




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