Reaching for the Moon

When on a date with a woman I’ve recently met,

I’m soon wishing I was alone, until I met

a brightly shining star hovering above the crowd

of single women I know.


To her life is glorious and her enthusiasm

is contagious. When I’m with her, I’m happy

that I’m alive and dream of the nights ahead

when I’ll wrap her in my arms and my fervor

she’ll learn, and return without concern.


My aspirations are as high as the sky. I think

I can make her mine if I get her to drink some

beer and wine. I sometimes think that my visions

of her and I, are entwined and I will be left behind.


Is she such a bright star that I’m too dim and far below?

Her orbit is so far above I may never get close.

If I learn to ride a horse, will she be impressed, or think

I’m a dude and probably a fool?


It’s only the afternoon and I’m already

reaching for the moon?

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