When a politician says, “Lend me your ear,” on radio or TV,
what he’s going to say is “There’s no other way, but to be bold
and throw the old way away, so “Listen to my lies,

disguised as promises I’ll make to you, but when you sleep
I’ll never keep, because I know you’re a fool and will believe
everything I promise on radio or TV.”

We should know not to believe anything a politician says, or promises
he makes that are repeated a thousand times on radio and TV to
make us believe what he conceives as just, must be true.

If we resist, the lies will be repeated a thousand times to saturate
our brains, and with a heavy hand force his lies to become truth in
our minds, even though we know the man lacks what it takes to look

us in the eye and speak the truth, because it would exposes his
words as lies. He will never say any that are true until the day
he dies and thinks he’ll go up in the sky, but to his surprise

he goes to Hell, and once there, tells the Devil he wants to take a
vote to see if he should dwell here in hell instead of up above.
But the Devil says, “You’re here to stay, and I never lie, because

I don’t let any of you damned souls take a vote. I force
people like you to say and do anything I want and never
lie, like a man running for a spot where he can enrich himself

his mistress and family members too, all the while thinking it’s okay
to let lies flow like free wine given for a vote. Then he’ll lie, lie, lie,
to make all believe what he said is right, and as patriots everyone needs

to follow his advice to refuse refuge to those unfortunate enough to be
born where politicians have no need to lie and can do what they want
without a care about the world out there.

If honesty became a quality, a man would need to be elected here, there’d be no
need to vote, because there’s not one politician worthy to hold any post. So as a
guest on radio or TV, to get what they want or need a politician will have to lie,
and hope he doesn’t get sent to Hell where he’ll never get the vote.


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