The police were called to chase old people from McDonald’s for loitering.

To Damn Old


My friends from all over town have

gone away. It’s just that way, no one stays

when time flows by and suddenly you’re to

damn old and are an ugly sight to behold.


It’s a shame to survive so long that we

become a drain, and no one remembers

our name or so they say. Our unwanted faces

take up space in McDonald’s and other places.


To live past thirty and then forty without death

beating on your door was extraordinary in olden days.

If a person made it til their hair turned gray, they were

asked to stay and never called, “Cotton Top.”


Age meant data and their thoughts were sought by

the young before it became so easily found in the

electronic age without turning a page. Today it’s not

unknown for a child of one or two to have a phone of their own.


Did we fuck with nature’s plan by extending

our life span? Is that why cotton tops are avoided

by those whose hair is yet to turn gray? Is that

why the old are kept out of site and put in homes?


Should they even exist, or be put on a list when they no longer

contribute? Do they take up space and depress those of us who

retain our youth and don’t want to see any decrepit people sitting

in a booth while we stand to eat our lunch.


Take away amenities given to those past retirement age so

they’ll die and get out of the way. Isn’t that better than letting

them suffer for so many years? Let’s go along with natures’

plan and rid the land of those who can no longer work.


Then when we go to McDonald’s, the booths will be empty

and we’ll have a place and some space to sit while we eat

without having to see what’s in store for all of us.

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