Many days have come and gone

when I didn’t want to see the dawn.

I wanted to die because my life was

bad and so sad since I was a lad.


Death seemed like a relief before I

met you, and like flowers in spring

my latent emotions blossomed and

opened their spiritual leafs


to release my grief, they raised their

unfettered threads and released

oxytocin that flooded my brain with

the treasure of  your love.


When oxytocin flowed through my brain,

my desire for you couldn’t be denied, and

I thought I could trust you, because when

I took your hand,


love for my enemies as well as my friends

filled my heart, but then you went out with

my pal, my hormonal bliss changed to rage

and murderous thoughts filled my mind.


I was going downtown to buy a .44, cause you

didn’t love me anymore and my hormones

wouldn’t  accept that they wouldn’t get their daily

boost when I touched you.


Instead of a gun, I saw the setting sun and

bought a vial of sublingual hormonal bliss instead.

Starting with my tongue, love for you flowed

through me again and I forgave you and my friend.


Amazingly, oxytocin can also be used to heal wounds (through its anti-inflammatory properties). Studies have also shown that a rise in oxytocin levels can relieve pain — everything from headaches, cramps and overall body aches. Now, that being said, the trick is to get some oxytocin action while you’re in pain — which is not so easy. This is where synthetics can certainly help. Alternately, if you find yourself in physical discomfort, you could always ask your partner for a roll in the hay. So guys, be sure to use this crucial information the next time your significant other declines your advances and tells you she has a headache.







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