A poem I wrote to my ex girlfriend.

Why? —


Your love for me died and left without showing me why.

Nothing else is changed except the blues are my companion,

every day and every night, cause baby, baby,

you said goodbye without giving me a reason why.


Fare thee well cruel romance. You, know I’m too old to find

another like you who loves me more than the trees.

A mate who’ll never sneeze at my words of love and claim

they’re as refreshing as a spring breeze.


Prince Charming is who’ll I’ll be to you, and I’ll help you to laugh

at ludicrous things when I open my mouth to let out any inane thoughts

I may have. I’ll give you my uncensored words so I can watch your face

light up with a smile when I say what’ just came to mind.


Stay with me and you’ll never shed any tears because I’ve been unfaithful.

Don’t you see, I’m ready for you and I pray you’re ready for me?

The happiness we can share is lost in the vortex of time that will swallow

me and you if we don’t unite and fall in love.


Her reply.

You have a stain on your shirt.

All romantic thought died when I read that. Time for a new G.F. and not another like her, because I said I’m too old, so my new G.F. won’t have to love me more than the trees, and she can sneeze at my words if she wants and doesn’t have to say they’re as refreshing as a breeze.

Joe DiBuduo.







About The Author

DiBuduo is also the author of "Crime A Day," a nonfiction book, "A Penis Manologue: One Man's Response to the Vagina Monologues," and two volumes of his signature "flash-fiction poetry," as well as several collections of short stories. His short fiction and poetry also appear in anthologies, online journals, and recently, in Weekend Reads, a collection appropriately subtitled "Twisted Stories, Twisted Mind!" He has completed two paranormal novels, "Cryonic Man" and The Mountain Will Cover You.” and the soon to be released novel, “The Chicagoua Café,” and also a collaborative collection of connected fantasy stories with author Kate Robinson. Read more about DiBuduo and his interests at joedibuduo.com.

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