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Even though it’s against the law, and the

church says it’s wrong, I’m not in awe as

I stuff the gun barrel into my mouth knowing

it’ll end this dreary life.


I’m brave because I know my soul won’t

remain in the grave like a Christian waiting

for Jesus to come out of the sun as the one

who’ll announce the end of days.


I don’t believe my body and soul will be

resurrected when I hear the words of God that

say, “You’ll be made whole and will crawl

from the grave to live again when the world ends.”


Memories of past lives abound in my mind

and most of them are gems and better than

the one I’ve lived this time around so deep

in slime that I need to end it to begin again.


Memories that keep me awake are ones where

I’ve been an insect, an animal, and even once

a snake. Not one of these lives was lived as cruelly

lived as this human one, so I pray my next life will be as a bug.


I break the law and pull the trigger only to discover

an instant before I die that my memories of living before

are there because a man named Buzz said,

“Take this and see.” And he gave me some LSD.

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