I’m certainly addicted

  Addicted   It has me in its grip blinded by claims of fame promising me what I need   and there’s no letting go while I’m in pain, I believe what I do is okay and     I’ll … Continue reading “I’m certainly addicted”

1984 has arrived!

A.Word.A.Day–newspeak Wordsmith Aug 13, 2018 This week’s theme Words from 1984 that are now a part of the language This week’s words newspeak George Orwell predicted it. It’s just that his numbers were a little off. Instead of 1984, it happened some … Continue reading “1984 has arrived!”

Audio, “A Penis Manologue.” Free

A book every man and most women should read or listen to on audio. Audio is free from audible.com https://www.amazon.com/Penis-Manologue-Response-Vagina-Monologues/dp/B00VMM288M/ref=sr_1_3_twi_audd_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1533174651&sr=1-3&keywords=joe+dibuduo  

Frankenstein returns as an AI computer.


Free Futuristic Book


weed killer!


I wanted to write a pretty poem about growing up, but these are the words that came from my head!

My Excuse Is, Born with original sin on my soul. It helped me understand, that in this land, the hand that slapped my ass to make me squall showed I was loved, my Mom said, as the perpetual gleam in … Continue reading “I wanted to write a pretty poem about growing up, but these are the words that came from my head!”

A Writer’s Question

A Writer What’ll I write today? Will it be okay if my words that are buried deep within my brain are too plain or become maimed? Will they eclipse, turn blue, or change in another way as they pass through … Continue reading “A Writer’s Question”