Orders From Above

I did what I did because I was ordered to,

said the Spanish in Cuba,

said the Americans in the Philippines,

said the English in Africa.


Nazi’s in Germany learned from them,

and natives in Bosnia and Rwanda thought

to kill like they did was okay because

the orders came from above.



Can it be true that humans perceive they

must follow commands put in their hands,

or do they try to lay the blame on someone

from above and say they came from love?


Can they be tried and convicted for the

wicked  they’ve done? God told Abraham

to kill his son and if he would have

sacrificed him as he was told,


in our modern times, would he get the

electric chair? Would the soldiers God

ordered to kill civilians, including

women and children be sent to jail?


If the answer is no, why do we have so

many locked up who have done harm

because God told them to? It’s written

in stone, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”


But who chiseled those words? Are they clear?

Kill is a four letter word and is easy to spell and

easy to do, but when told not to, how many obey?

Doesn’t “Not Kill” mean what it says?


If we follow orders from above, we’ll no longer

kill a bug feasting on us, or a cow for

dinner, nor will we kill creatures who live

in the sea.


How will we survive if we don’t kill to eat?

Maybe if all killing came to a sudden stop,

we’d receive a message from on high saying,

“Sunshine and love is all you need to survive.”



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