I write every day and if what I have to say, doesn’t have
sagacity, it’s okay, it doesn’t have to stay. I have a fixation
with association when without hesitation I put pen to paper

and compose a story with a goal and don’t want to lose control.
That’s what I try to do, but my protagonist always wants to go and
use my words another way, and I can’t refuse when not wearing shoes.

The adversary I create does what I want, but it’s too late.
That’s the way I want my challenger to act, but sometimes,
the hero takes charge and kills the rival I create long before

it’s time to go. I have to take control and by a miracle,
the opponent survives the attack, and returns to fight
another way on another day.

Sometimes I wonder whose side I’m on when there’s a
battle between me and my creations. Their goal is to do what
they think is right, and I can’t decide who is correct, so I

create a character that’s a defiant one and is tougher than them,
and has the insight to do what’s scrupulous. So the character
throws the hero and adversary off a cliff and rejoices when they hit

the raging sea, but little does the character know they fell in
love on the way down to the sea and conspired to kill the
character because he doesn’t belong in the story anyway.

It’s hard to do for the hero, because he has a directive to do
what’s right, but the rival finds it easy to kill because that’s
what he was created for.

This character flaw convinces the hero that their love is doomed
and conspires to help the character that threw them into the sea
where they fell in love due to the character being cruel.

This may not be true, but I’m in charge and can change emotions,
reasons, or thoughts with my pen and they better do what I put
on paper or I’ll use white out to make them invisible on the page.

No one will ever see the words las though they never existed. If I do that.
the words will disappear and no one will know they were ever here,
so when I hold white out in my hand, the words bow down and call me

master. I believe them because it’s true and I don’t need a crew
to make them disappear any time of the year. They know to obey,
because I’m in control of every word I write to fill my selfish needs.

But one day all the words on my pages decide to abandon me and swim in a bottle
of white out until every one of them disappear and I don’t have a word
to describe why they did that, but I can say they committed wordicide

instead of suicide, because su wasn’t in any word I wrote, but there were a lot of words
that went to the place where derelict text goes after getting read, erased or hidden on the page because they couldn’t be seen, arousing my rage, because It took years to write

the words that went for a swim in the white out pool, and words disappeared from this world because text thought the next world would be paramount until I jumped into the white out pool and went to their world to write how I’d round up any runaway words.

before long I had them all. Using a black pen to draw a horse to ride while rounding up every word that ran, and forced every one into a pool filled with inky black until they appeared again in the order they were on pages I wrote, before they changed color and ran.


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