On new year’s day I wondered why we all have to die and was inspired to write a poem.

Life without Death


Out of breath, I decide nobody knows where we’ll go after our keeper, the grim reaper knocks and doesn’t give you time to put on your socks.


We all fear that unknown place that may be in outer space, because there are those who say heaven waits, but if they really believed that, wouldn’t they be in a hurry to arrive?


Some of us endeavor to live forever and pay for cryonics to freeze our remains, hoping to gain the upper hand over death, so when it’s defeated we can be resurrected to live again.


A greater fear for me is the everlasting life promised for acting like Jesus while waiting for some distant heaven to open its gates after living a short life here on Earth.


I suspend my breath while worrying about death, and imagine how it would be on an unrestricted world where there’s no speed limits or safety measures.


People run over or exploded cannot die. They continue to exist in bits and pieces, and there’s pain to be endured.


I may be premature, but I don’t want to endure seeing my children aging and becoming more wrinkled than me


We’re damned to pain and disabilities old age always brings.


Heaven is to be enjoyed while alive and pain free.


Not able to sleep, walk or do simple things is hell, so a timely visit from the Grim Reaper is a great design if you ask me.


Joe DIBuduo

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