Never Again

Never Again


That blob of yellow or white that used to

float above and brought forth Oxytocin

that influenced my ability to bond and even

to love has gone through the change of life


It’s been awhile since that orb brightened

my day with light. The sky has given up its

chameleon like ability to change colors and

remains an ugly gray.


Gone are the sun beams that used to act like

a sponge that extracted blue thoughts from my mind

and fill it with bright orange light. Gone are the warm

feelings, and gone is any love I held.


After so many days of gloom, I’m beginning to

wish I couldn’t remember the bright and sunny

days that sometimes colored our high mountain

town with pink skies and painted the mountains red.


I’m told the changes in our weather is from global

warming and I imagine I’m in Seattle where dark

skies are welcomed every day. After so many days of

rain, I know how Noah must have felt.


I build an ark from trees in my yard. I’ll only

take animals and bugs when the flood comes, because

this time it wasn’t God who changed the sky from light

to dark. We all know who’s responsible, so I won’t give

us a chance to do it again.







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