My World

My World


Is a place where angels lie and

devils have wings. God is cruel

and fantastic as it seems, Satan

tells it like it is. He says to be

redeemed is a sin and it’s better to get

a gin fizz than that.


He cracked the prayer lines long ago and pirated

light to brighten his domain. Messages sent to God

were intercepted and accepted by Satan instead of

God, who rolled around heaven all day waiting for prayers

that his heart hungered for, but they never came, and he

wasn’t going to answer them anyway.


The fallen angel replied to the pleas in a devilish

way. Prayers for rain were answered with floods.

Appeals for a loved one’s life were responded to

with hospital bills.


The few souls who overcame the Imp’s wily ways

and made it to heaven and heard the holy music,

soon got tired of hearing it, and how the wine they

drank came from the inexhaustible supply of  blood

that leaked from the sacred heart that hungered for love

but was forsaken by mankind.


Most souls wished they had gone to Hell where fornication

was allowed and there was no price to pay.


Punishment it appeared, was to live eternity as we lived

in our world. Without truth, love or fidelity. Those are

reserved for heaven,


but I prefer to live in a place where my lifestyle doesn’t have

to change. So when my time comes, with a smile, I’ll go down

below where I’ll be indefinitely enclosed in my world, with others

like me.


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