My new facebook page featuring poetry and novels and?


Time passes like molasses

Until we encounter morasses

That last and like the speed

Of light, time passes and we

Wish it was like molasses again

So we wouldn’t see the lines appear

And the gray hairs that fall out exposing

Us to phrenological thinking that shows

The shapes of our heads shows our brain

Has twenty-seven parts laboring with religiosity

Combating functionality practicality utilities

And images and color of heaven and hell

Where time is never a factor and molasses

Or morasses are not feared by any of

Twenty-seven lumps that shape our heads

Our thoughts, our emotions our sense of touch

Along with the way we see the world which

Isn’t the same for you and me or any two who

Have twenty-seven lumps and bumps that

Any phrenologist can measure them to see who

                      We really are

One Response to My new facebook page featuring poetry and novels and?

  1. Lula Cooper says:

    One word that is very large; a response to your writing and what it evokes. YES!

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