My Love

My Love

You color your hair with flair and work until it’s fair.
Doctors eliminate any wrinkles on your enhancing face.

Your breasts are inflated to twice their normal size.
Your plumped up red lips hunger for a loving kiss.

You gain some pounds and we understand that liposuction
holds you in awe because you don’t have to stay more than a day.

You know the mirror reflects an image that doesn’t show man made parts.
Every man you meet holds you in awe and wants some part of you.

Your no fool and know it’s not from reading books, its your looks
that are desirable and sought after. Your laughter conceals what you feel.

Your heart keeps you apart from inward feelings and has never been broken,
because inside you know, you love yourself more than anyone else.

You fight aging with every cream and lotion promising to keep you young.
Time goes by and you don’t know why you must die.

Your heart breaks when one future day you gaze into the mirror
and you become aware that time has ravaged your looks.

Your face sags and your inflated breasts deflate to an ugly state.
Your hair is no longer fair and you pay when it turns gray.

You try hard to expand your thin, dry lips that like a flat tire, can’t hold air.
Your middle expands on its own and you know your future isn’t grand.

Your think you have no enemy, but time has caught you unaware.
You break every clock in the house and ones you see on the street.

You find time passes in the blink of an eye and wish you could live in your luscious past.
You contact the Devil to make a deal, but he already owns your immortal soul, sold by you long ago.

Your mind can’t accept aging and you try to deal with the Grim Reaper who’s ready to take someone’s soul.
You say in a hag’s voice, “Take Father Time instead of me, please.”

Just before you go down where you belong, My Love.


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