Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season


Thunder, lightening, and rain come at least once

a day during the monsoon season, like a gift from

God, the air is cleaned and things turn green.


When I lived in the East, I thought torrential rain

only came to India and other exotic places like

that. Never to a place as dry as Arizona.


What has been brown, dry and practically

desert is now green, lush, and has flash flood

warning signs posted all over the place


Mosquitoes have been born and they bite places

where I can’t scratch. My brown sandy lawn has

turned green because of the grass sprouting there.


My skin has become soft from so much moisture in

the air and without the hot sun, its color has turned

from brown, back to the white it was before I came here.


I love the sun, but must admit that when I see dark

clouds bringing our daily rain, my heart is glad for

the relief from the heat, the cleaning of the air,


and when sometimes I see rain falling so far away

that I know a drop won’t fall on me that day, I

secretly wish that it would.

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